Roaster: Merito Coffee Roasters

Merito Coffee Roasters

We have one thing in mind here at Merito, excellent coffee.

Merito Coffee Roasters was established in 2007 to create a coffee experience to be appreciated by many. With a focus on exceptional specialty coffee, we are determined to bring quality to every cup. Through variations in brew methods, roast styles and bean origins we present you with an honest approach to appreciating coffee and continue daily to enhance the experience.


Roaster: Underground Coffee

underground logo

The team at Underground Coffee Company are committed to producing the perfect espresso for New Zealand’s thriving café industry and the espresso sipping people of Aotearoa.

Underground Coffee Company’s Head Office and Hot Air Roasting Warehouse is based in Sydenham Christchurch where we wholesale freshly roasted Organic Fair Trade and Ethical coffee to cafes nationally and bring premium Hot Air Roasted coffee beans to homes and offices across New Zealand.

UG aims to always take every facet of its existence to the next level.  This is the foundation on which UG was built and the engine that drives our success. Coffee is our passion and we source, roast and sell what we believe is among the best coffee from coffee producers around the world. Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of quality coffee and a preferred resource for coffee innovation and coffee knowledge.

Roaster: Peoples Coffee


Coffee is grown on trees, by people, utilising the limited resources of the planet. A simple but beautiful interaction that enables us to come together over a cup of coffee. An interaction that now needs an immediate response from ourselves. A response that provides assurances that the quality we experience in the cup is wedded not only to taste but environmental responsibility and fair prices paid to farmers.

Our response to the challenges faced by the environment and small-lot farmers is to source only organic and fair trade coffee through long-term cooperative partnerships.

Roaster: Kokako

Kokako Logo

Kōkako Organic Coffee is roasted in Auckland by our Head Roaster Sam McTavish. He roasts on a state of the art 25kg Probat roaster from Germany and is passionate about the craft of roasting and tasting coffee, with a depth of knowledge that spans the journey from crop to cup. 

Quality is paramount to us. We work with various cooperatives and traders to source high quality green beans from specific origins where the flavour profiles match our expectations for a consistently well rounded cup of coffee that tastes exceptional.

We support this with third party Fairtrade and organic certification from Fairtrade New Zealand and Biogro NZ. Relationships throughout the supply chain are paramount to us – from the grower, to the co-op, traders,  certifiers, then to our roaster and our customers.

We cup our coffee twice a week at our dedicated roastery in Mt Eden – this ensures that every origin we buy and roast lives up to our exacting quality standards

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