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ORIGIN: Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil & Kenya
REGION: Tarrazu, Paracatu & Kaganda
TASTING NOTES: Cocoa and faint blueberry aroma, earthy chocolate flavours
Espresso Blend Coffee Auckland

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Roaster: Three Beans

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Three Beans is a boutique coffee roaster based in Auckland, combining knowledge, technique, and service to deliver a uniquely desirable cuppa.

Three Beans coffee can be distinguished from the rest – each batch is handpicked by owner Jonny McKessar, roasted in small batches to order and delivered fresh. With only two hands, and 12 hours of daylight, Jonny runs a dedicated team of coffee geeks constantly pursuing a product that reflects their passion.

Three Beans blends are not set in stone. Like fine wine, coffee origins have many different flavours and aromas, which can change over seasons, location and altitude – these are explored and optimised in our blends. Rest assured you can be certain you’ll get a great tasting coffee each time, wherever you are and whatever the weather.

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